Lincoln Witness 1865

There’s an important Lincoln tale waiting to be told.

The time is the two weeks prior to his assassination.

Lincoln travels to Virginia to end a war and to take its measure — and to transform himself into a President of reconstruction.

Knowing what he did, what he saw, what he said, is vital to our understanding his vision of what America was to become.

We know part of the story, but the witnesses we have are few and their testimony is often unreliable.

We need more voices to complete the picture, we need more Lincoln witnesses.

My name is Noah Andre Trudeau. I’ve written a number of Civil War books; most recently, Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage, Southern Storm: Sherman’s March to the Sea; and, Robert E. Lee: Lessons in Leadership. A page on this website contains more information about me, but more importantly, other pages detail my hunt for Lincoln witnesses and explain how you can determine whether you can link your family history to one of the Civil War’s compelling yet still incomplete stories. noah
Before you explore the site, please take a few moments to listen to me talking about my quest with Neal Conan on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. npr